What do a 200-ft-long dragon, a half-dozen lions, and a few fairies have in common? They’re all handcrafted life-sized fabric and light structures on display at the Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square in Philadelphia. I came across these glowing lanterns on an evening walk around the city in early June.


Not one for crowds I debated whether it was worth the 20-minute wait and $17 admission fee to enter the gates. But as I stood in line and listened to the Asian music flowing over the Square’s brick walls and peered through the trees at the tops of the massive displays I decided that I couldn’t walk away from such an unusual event.






There were displays of zodiac creatures, and mythological creatures, and monkeys and even a glowing ocean display. Amidst the displays, food vendors served traditional Chinese cuisine, and Chinese dancers, acrobats and plate spinners entertained Festival attendees.





It was well worth the $17

and the 20 minutes.



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Chinese Lantern Festival.