We’re already on Friday of the first week of the year.  How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you lost any weight? Seems like everyone has that — or maybe it’s just that we’re all so toxic from Holiday treats that our bodies naturally can’t take anymore and resist the urge from more out of pure self-preservation.

I didn’t do so great on my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.  Since I prefer to workout out of doors I could blame my lack of motivation on the unusually frigid temperatures here. (It snowed in Florida this week! What better excuse than that?) Thank God that God provides, but if he hadn’t I’m sure I would have found some equally creative excuse not to get my workouts done. I’m just not that into them.

I need a different motivation. I need motivation with a positive spin. Like, instead of dropping pounds I should focus on building a healthier body. And, in fact, when I’m committed, I do feel and look better in my clothes simply when I choose to exercise.

This week I’ve been in my Florida home where I can eat what I want when I want instead of being on the road where I have to choose between fast food restaurants, upscale restaurants, gas station restaurants and grocery stores. I’ve made healthier choices this week. I’ve picked fruit salad over microwave popcorn.  I’ve enjoyed homemade dinners with fewer fats and fillers than pricey restaurant dinners. It’s been heaven. Maybe the cold weather has kept me inside but the ability to eat real foods have made a difference how I feel.

I may have fudged on my outdoor activities this week but I did make some good choices toward my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the long run, I made progress.

Next week I’ll take a few more steps (literally) toward my goal.  My age will increase with my upcoming February birthday but I’m confident that my weight and measurement numbers will decrease. One day at a time. One step at a time.

One choice at a time.