In 2010 when I decided to move into a motorhome with less than 180 square feet of living space I had to cull my belongings…a lot.

Thank goodness I had been organizing homes and offices for over five years by then. I had a good grasp of how to “sort and toss”. But it still wasn’t easy.

I lived in that motorhome for 4 years. I became accustomed to living with less. In fact, I learned how little I really needed to be content.

I am not an advocate for extreme downsizing or living in a tiny house.

I am, however, an advocate for living dreams. Living your dreams. Reinvention. Courage.

Living with less stuff creates room for greater things to happen. It gives you more time, money and energy to seize opportunities that go unnoticed when your environment and mind are cluttered with excess.

The resources found here will help you cull the clutter, clear your mind and settle your spirit.

They are the tools required to blaze a trail and live the life you deserve.