Oh she’s a beauty. Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside she’s cozy, and clean, and comfortable. She’s been loved, and she’s ready for someone to take her on the road again.

I’ve outgrown her. All of my work-camper friends said that I would. Some told me that I’d upgrade to a newer model. Others were sure that I’d find solace in a smaller rig. I still haven’t decided which way I’ll go, but I do know for sure that I will have another home on wheels.

Living in my motor coach has been more than a dream come true.

It’s been a great privilege to park in magnificent places, surrounded by views that even the ultra-rich can hardly afford. 

It’s been a great blessing of kind neighbors sharing potluck dinners and telling stories ’round the campfire.

It’s been an intimate connection with nature, particularly the sounds of soft gentle rain on the rooftop and the ever-present call of a hoot owl outside of my window.

It’s been living proof of God’s grace via serendipitous encounters with helpful strangers all along the way.

And, most of all, living in my motor coach has been a lesson in simplicity — living in the wealth of selection, not accumulation. Unencumbered I am ready for my next adventure.

Yes, living in my motor coach has been one of my most treasured seasons of my life. And I know that the same will be true for the next owner of my sweet motor coach. I release it with joy and prosperity intact. I look forward to meeting her new steward.

You can check out the details at: http://westslope.craigslist.org/rvs/5076873251.html