I’ve spent the past 90 days working at a beautiful country retreat in Colorado. In my years in hotels, I’ve never experienced the connection that guests have with hotel staffs like they do with small innkeepers.  It’s a very intimate business relationship.
Last week I spoke with a guest from Switzerland. The first question he asked me was,  “What’s your passion?”
Wow. You don’t get that question every day.  Usually the perfunctory, “How are you?” and “Great” or “Fine” response is the norm. 
I had to think. But, I had to answer quickly too. I’m one who believes in living your passion. But how could I be living my passion if I couldn’t even tell someone what is was. 
The first thing that came to mind was, “Travel”.
The next was a question to myself, “Where? When?”
Here was an American man who had just moved from Switzerland with his lover after living in France for two years together. That sounded like a pretty good life to me!  I wondered what his passion was, but was so frantically involved with trying to figure out my own in 60 seconds or less that I never did get to ask.
As I began to babble to him, my mind focused on what brought me joy, and what I was seeking and as the vision became clearer, so did my verbal description.
I told him about my life in my motor coach, how I loved the adventure of it, and loved meeting people, and learning things. We left the conversation with him giving me his contact info and insisting that I stay with them when I come to Europe.
A door was opened. . . A opportunity for a new experience had just appeared.
Living in a motor home has shifted my priorities from collecting things to collecting “experience opportunities”.  
That’s my passion —  to live as many as these experience opportunities as I can fit into my days here on this planet.
How about you?  What’s your passion?  
More importantly, how is it showing up in living your life?